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From a toy to a symbol

Horses are holy animals. Even Vikings knew that! Their strength and loyalty made them perfect battle companions and farm workers. Swedish seem to appreciate horses so much that they made them a national symbol of Swedish handcraft. It also became an unofficial symbol of Sweden itself. But they didn’t use any horse. They decided that […]

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The Polish Rooster: a magical bird

Greetings, dear readers! Today, we explore the enchanting world of Polish folklore through the beloved symbol at Folky: the Polish Rooster. My kids’ clothing brand captures the essence of folklore, igniting wonder in children everywhere. Join us on this journey as we explore the fascinating tale behind the Polish Rooster print and its significance in […]

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Matryoshka: a surprising fact

Rosy cheeks, bright-eyed face of a young woman surrounded by bright (usually red) colours and flowery, traditional ornamentation. When you think of Russia, what is the first thought that appears in your mind? What souvenir would you bring home? A wooden doll, perhaps? It is possible that you’ve never heard of the name “matryoshka” before. […]

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