Have you ever dreamt of finding a prince/princess enchanted in a frog when you were little? I think we all did, at least once. Now your babies can have their own collection of frogs to choose from.
In the folklore, except for being magical, frogs were believed to bring luck when petted. Around the world, there are places with frog statues touched by many people. Did it work for them? Who knows… But it’s definitely worth a try.
The thing I know for sure is that Folky’s super cute frogs will melt any heart and make the kids happy (checked with my own son!).

How does it work?

Frogs Collection is different than all the other collections in Folky’s shop. It’s the first time that I’m not going to keep the fabric in stock.
From now on I will be collecting orders during the week and ordering needed fabrics every Monday. After I get the fabrics (about a week), I will start fulfilling your order. It might take up to 3 weeks from ordering to dispatch.
I will keep you up to date via e-mail and on Folky’s social media, so it’s good to either subscribe or follow Folky’s Instagram or Facebook.

Main patterns to choose from:

Products available to order: