Mushroom Orange sweatshirt

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Introducing Folky’s vibrant orange jumper for kids featuring a whimsical mushroom print! Made with love and attention to detail, this jumper is crafted with utmost care to ensure comfort and style for your little one. The orange color adds a cheerful touch, while the mushroom print brings a sense of wonder and magic to their outfit.

In folklore and mythology, mushrooms have been associated with various meanings and beliefs. They are often seen as a symbol of growth, renewal, and interconnectedness with nature. Across different cultures, mushrooms have held a special place in traditional practices, including the art of mushroom picking.

Mushroom picking has long been a cherished tradition, where families venture into the woods in search of these fascinating fungi. It is a time of bonding and sharing knowledge, passing down generations-old wisdom about which mushrooms are safe to consume and which are best left untouched. The mushroom-printed jumper serves as a gentle reminder of the enchantment found in the world of mushrooms and the joy of exploring nature.

Crafted from high-quality materials, this jumper ensures comfort and durability for your child’s everyday adventures. The soft fabric feels gentle against their skin, while the vibrant print adds a playful touch. The jumper is designed for easy wear and movement, allowing your child to explore and play freely.

Bring a touch of woodland magic to your child’s wardrobe with Folky’s orange jumper featuring a delightful mushroom print. Order now and let your little one embrace the whimsy and wonder of the natural world!

Note: While our jumper celebrates the beauty of mushrooms, please remember that mushroom picking should always be done with caution and knowledge. It’s essential to consult experts or refer to trusted resources to ensure your safety and the preservation of nature.

Folky offers the sweatshirt in kids EU sizes: from 80 (9-12 months) to 98 (3 years).
Please, refer to the size table.

I recommend to wash the product in 30°C. Preferably line dry. No bleach.

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