Unwrap the Magic: Introducing the Handcrafted Baby Gift Boxes

As the holiday season approaches, I am thrilled to unveil the special baby gift boxes, curated with love and care for your little ones. Folky’s Black Friday launch brings you a delightful collection of handcrafted treasures that not only warm the heart but also envelop your precious bundles in comfort and style.



So here is what you will find inside:

1. Baby blanket (50cm x 80cm or 80cm x 100cm)
Choose between the exquisite waffle cotton or the snuggly teddy fleece – each blanket promises a cocoon of softness for your little one. Handcrafted with precision, these blankets are a testament to my commitment to quality and comfort.

2. Doll/teddy little blanket
Because every little companion deserves a touch of warmth too! Folky’s gift boxes include a mini blanket perfectly sized for dolls or teddies, ensuring that your child’s favorite cuddly friend shares in the coziness.

3. 2x baby bodysuit
Elevate your baby’s wardrobe with our charming bodysuits, available in three delightful prints: Dala Horses, elephants or paisley for the baby girls. These prints tell stories, spark imagination, and add a splash of color to your little one’s daily adventures.


The Perfect Gift

My thoughtfully curated gift boxes are designed for parents who, like me, appreciate the artistry of handmade items. Each piece is a labor of love, from the meticulous craftsmanship to the vibrant prints that inspire storytelling and create lasting memories.

Pricing and Value

1. Small Box (65 Euro)
Baby blanket, size 50cm x 80cm
Doll/teddy little blanket
2 baby bodysuits

Total value: 78-85 Euro

2. Big Box (70 Euro)
Baby blanket, size 50cm x 80cm
Doll/teddy little blanket
2 baby bodysuits

Total value: 78-85 Euro


Why Choose Folky’s Gift Boxes

My gift boxes stand apart as a celebration of handcrafted elegance. Each item is crafted by me – a person who pour the passion into every stitch, making each piece truly special. At the heart of the gift boxes lie prints that are more than just patterns – they’re stories waiting to unfold. Whether it’s the timeless charm of Dala Horses, the playful whimsy of elephants or the delicate beauty of paisley, these prints add a layer of meaningful connection to your little one’s wardrobe. It’s a subtle invitation to share stories, spark imagination, and create lasting memories with your child.
These gift boxes aren’t just a random assortment of items. They are carefully curated to offer a complete and thoughtful package. From the warmth of the baby blanket to the mini blanket for dolls or teddies and the charming bodysuits, each piece complements the others, creating a harmonious ensemble that embodies comfort, style, and a touch of whimsy.
I understand the demands of parenting. Folky’s gift boxes are designed to be more than just aesthetically pleasing – they’re practical and durable. The blankets and bodysuits boast a quality that withstands the boundless energy of your little ones. I believe in providing you with items that not only look beautiful but also last, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time and continues to bring joy to your family.
Folky’s gift boxes encapsulate the spirit of gifting moments of joy. As you present these handmade treasures, you’re not just offering baby essentials; you’re sharing in the magic of storytelling, wrapping your little one in warmth, and creating memories that will be cherished for years to come. It’s a gift that goes beyond the material – it’s an experience of love, connection, and the joy of giving.

This Black Friday, embrace the joy of giving with Folky’s carefully handcrafted gift boxes. Whether you choose the Small or Big option, you’re not just purchasing items; you’re investing in moments of warmth, comfort and happiness for your little ones.
Unwrap the magic of the season with the special gift boxes – where every piece tells a story, and every stitch is a testament to our commitment to creating treasures that last a lifetime.
Happy holidays and happy gifting! 🎁✨


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